Day Trips from Bucharest

Day Trips from Bucharest

The best way to explore a great city like Bucharest is by planning to go on day trips to various locations. One can spend many days exploring because there is always something going on, and as this city is home to a wide variety of fantastic locations. You can explore many of these locations and take part in fun activities on day trips from Bucharest. After you have wandered through the city's streets and museums and relaxed in some of the city's top cafes and restaurants, you can take a full day trip to the old and majestic town of Brasov where you can explore the Peles Castle, Bran’s Castle and the famous Dracula Castle. You will be captivated by the stunning locations and grandeur of the landmarks in a Day Trip to Transylvania. You can easily head out for day trips from Bucharest to explore the ancient architecture and the foothills of the Balkan Mountains when you travel to the ancient city of Bulgaria. Another unique tour that you should definitely not miss is of the The locations that you should definitely not miss include the Salt Mountain and Slanic Prahova Salt Mine. Make sure while booking day trips from Bucharest, you explore the place with the legend of Dracula.

Why Book Day Trips from Bucharest From us?

We strive to deliver high-quality services by offering a variety of day trips from Bucharest that can be booked online. With the help of hassle-free transportation options, skip the line tickets, and live guided tours, we hope to provide guests with enjoyable day trips from Bucharest as well as a positive and lasting impression of the city and its surrounding areas. We have a ton of day trips from Bucharest to pick from, no matter your budget. Visitors can peruse the available choices and select their favorite.

Day Trips from Bucharest Package Options

Peles, Bran Castle & Old Town Brasov Tour

On a guided tour departing from Bucharest, explore some of the most renowned castles in Romania. View the stunning and old Peles Castle, and spend some time at the Bran Castle learning why it is called the Dracula castle, and then explore the enchanted Old Town of Brasov.

Dracula Castle, Peles & Brasov Full-Day Trip

From Bucharest, take a full-day excursion to Transylvania. On this small-group day tour from Bucharest, let yourself be mesmerized by Transylvania's grandeur and its stunning locations. Take a guided tour of Peles Castle, Bran Castle (also known as Dracula's Castle), and the ancient town of Brasov.

Transylvania Day Trip to Dracula Castle & Brasov

Discover the Bran Castle, which served as the model for Dracula's Castle, on a full-day excursion from Bucharest. On a guided tour of Brasov, explore the Peles Castle, the former residence of the Romanian royal family. Follow your guide on a walking tour of Brasov to see landmarks including Council Square and the Black Church, one of the city's top attractions.

Salt Mine Day Trip

Explore The Salt Mountain and Slanic Prahova Salt Mine, two amazing locations in Europe. Visit Slanic Prahova first, an all-year-round spa destination renowned for its healing mineral waters and one of Europe's largest and most magnificent salt mines.

Peles and Dracula's Castle Full-Day Tour

From Bucharest, go to the countryside in the morning with your guide. Before going back to your lodging, visit Brasov's historic and renowned structures, including Dracula's Castle. Depart the city and go to Sinai to visit the Peles Castle, which served as the royal family of Romania's summer palace.

Full-Day Trip to Bulgaria

Go on an amazing one full day trip to Bulgaria from Bucharest, visit Veliko Tarnovo, the capital of Bulgaria during the Middle Ages. Travel to the foothills of the Balkan Mountains in air-conditioned comfort. Explore the historical Tsarevets Fortress and St. Dimitrie Basarabov Monastery, as well as the ancient architecture of Arbanasi Village.

Highlights For Day Trips from Bucharest

  • From Bucharest, take a full-day excursion to Transylvania and have an unforgettable journey
  • Discover why Gothic Bran Castle is referred to as Dracula's Castle by taking a spooky tour
  • Visit Peles Castle, a former royal house regarded as one of the most stunning of its sort in Europe
  • Enjoy some free time in the historic Saxon town of Brasov
  • Explore the unusual Slanic Prahova Salt Mine by going 208 meters underground
  • Discover the unique salt mountain in Europe by going to the Salt Museum
  • Visit the St. Dimitrie Basarabov Monastery, which is still inhabited despite being carved into a cliff
  • Learn about Veliko Tarnovo, the capital of Bulgaria during the Middle Ages and site of the most powerful fortification in that country at the time
  • Observe the village of Arbanasi's medieval architecture

Places to visit Near Bucharest For Day Trips

Bran Castle

Bran Castle, arguably one of the most popular tourist destinations in Romania, has its own history and allure but is still best recognised for its association with the well-known literary character Dracula. A pretty appropriate hidden passageway connects the first and third levels, in addition to the main courtyard, several lovely balcony pathways, and the previous royal home chambers.

Old Town Brasov

Because it is one of Transylvania's most intriguing and atmospheric places, Brasov is one of the best side trips from Bucharest. Start your journey în Piaţa Sfatului, the city's central plaza, then go to the massive Gothic Black Church and the city's historic core, taking in the medieval walls and many towers that previously protected Brasov.


Spend a day immersed in Transylvania's scenery and sights to escape the hustle and bustle of Bucharest. Discover the intriguing region's historic castles, beautiful scenery, and evocative ambiance. The guided tours of these remarkable landmarks include pickup from nearby meeting locations.


Visit the various cathedrals, monasteries, museums, and icons that are dispersed around the nation by taking a trip to Bulgaria. Another significant feature of Bulgaria is its mountain ranges, which are widely dispersed throughout the country and offer unrivaled opportunities for climbing and trekking. These aid skiing and snowshoeing in the winter.


Head to one of the day trips from Bucharest and visit the Peles Castle, which was the former summer home of the Romanian kings. You can view a collection of furniture and ornamental items, carpets, tapestries, sculptures, paintings, and weapons from the 15th to the 19th centuries in this museum.


Can we book Day Trips from Bucharest Online?

Yes you can book day trips from Bucharest online in the comfort of your home. Booking online saves not only time and effort but also gives you money saving options through various deals and discounts. You can get early access to the sites if you have an online ticket handy.

What is the best time for a Day trip from Bucharest?

Bucharest is at its finest in the spring, from March through May. The weather is warm and pleasant, the parks are green and brimming with flowers, and the birds chirp joyfully. Visit during one of these months to experience the day trips from Bucharest at their best.

Why is Day Trips from Bucharest a must to experience?

By booking day trips from Bucharest, you get to explore various locations like Bran Castle, the old town of Brasov, Peles Castle, Slanic Prahova Salt Mine and many more. These locations are a must visit, because all of these locations hold utmost historical importance. Booking day trips from Bucharest online also come with a live professional guide who can provide you the knowledge needed.

What to wear on the Day Trips from Bucharest?

On your day trips from Bucharest, make sure to wear warm pants or jeans with a fleece or jacket on the top. Carry an extra pair of socks and warm gloves as the weather is mostly cold. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes for maximum support.


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