Things To Do In Bucharest

Things To Do In Bucharest

A surprise package with an abundance of exciting things to do in Bucharest, such as visiting historical sites, browsing magnificent museums, enjoying the lively nightlife, and admiring the beauty of lush gardens, this Romanian capital can easily capture your heart and imagination. Referred to as Little Paris, the city also features marvellous Beaux-Arts palaces, fresco-coated churches, serene landscapes, and a plethora of dining opportunities to make the staycation memorable.Browse the vast collections of the Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum and the Romanian Peasant Museum and learn about the rich art and culture of the city. Take a trip to Parliamentary Palace, Cotroceni Palace, and Romanian Athenaeum and get the opportunity to marvel at the ancient architecture and splendour. Stroll through the Old Town alleys to get a sense of the ancient vibes.If you're wondering what to do in Bucharest to unwind, Herăstrău Park and Botanical Gardens provide lush and serene surroundings as well as a respite from city life. Explore religious and architectural treasures like Stavropoleos Church and Bucharest Russian Church to feel a spiritual connection. Visit Dealul Mitropoliei or Calea Victoriei to check out their prominent attractions. With so many interesting activities in Bucharest, whether you visit for a day or a long weekend, you will leave with a lasting impression.

Checkout Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum

Step back in time at the Dimitrie Gusti Village Museum, a huge outdoor museum that houses more than 270 authentic historic structures brought from all over the nation. Visiting this 1936-built museum is among the most fascinating things to do in Bucharest for offering an insight into the evolution of building styles from the 18th to the 20th centuries.

Explore Parliamentary Palace

Visiting the world's largest administrative building, the Parliamentary Palace, is one of the most interesting things to do in Bucharest to learn about Romania's former dictator's dictatorial madness. You will also be astounded by the building's incredible architecture, interiors, and grandeur, which now houses museums, reception halls, government offices, and Parliament Hall.

Visit Romanian Athenaeum

Visit the Athenaeum to marvel at its magnificent architecture and design. With a portico embellished with Ionic columns, a tall dome, and a concert hall with a circular fresco depicting 25 scenes from Romanian history, it is Romania's most prestigious concert venue. Attending a concert by the George Enescu philharmonic orchestra is one of the most rewarding activities in Bucharest.

Stroll in Lipscani (Old Town)

Take a stroll through the narrow streets of Old Town to get a sense of how Bucharest's central area looked before World War II and why it was once called Little Paris. Lipscani is the bustling street in the Old Town with brand-new eateries, bars, and shops, striking an intriguing balance with old town vibes.

See the Romanian Peasant Museum

Check out the Romanian Peasant Museum to admire its vast collection of clothes, furniture, religious items, and ceramics. It provides a window into the history and culture of the Romanian countryside, spanning 400 years and showcasing an astounding diversity. Additionally, it has a fully preserved wooden house, as well as a basement exhibit on collectivization.

Have Fun at Herăstrău Park

Take a trip to Herăstrău Park, if you're wondering what to do in Bucharest to relax and enjoy. Perched along the Herăstrău Lake, it offers you the chance to stroll around, relax, go boating or biking, dine, or just take in the scenery. The park has playgrounds, picnic areas, water features, and black swans on the lake, adding to its allure.

Pray at Stavropoleos Church

Visit Stavropoleos Church, one of Bucharest's finest places of worship and a marvellous example of Brâncovenesc architecture. It was constructed in the 1720s and has a stunning facade with multi-foiled painted arches and paintings of saint medallions. Beautiful paintings in the form of stone frescoes adorn the interiors, enhancing the appeal of the church.

Visit Dealul Mitropoliei

Head to Dealul Mitropoliei (Mitropoliei Hill) to check out its prominent attractions, including the Palace of the Patriarchy (1908) and the Cathedral of the Patriarchy (1654). Both buildings are architectural marvels and carry significant historical importance. The hill gets packed with worshippers on Palm Sunday and Easter and is also a sight to behold because of its surrounding natural scenery.

Check out the Revolution Square

Experience some of the most interesting activities in Bucharest at Revolution Square like learning about the cultural and historical heritage of the city and the nation. The buildings and statues that surround the square tell a story about Bucharest during the communist era. The memorial in the middle pays tribute to the victims of communism and the resistance in 1989.

Take A Walk in Cismigiu Gardens

Stroll through the Cișmigiu Garden, nestled around a pristine lake and surrounded by old willow trees and take in the refreshing ambience. There are plenty of shaded areas to relax, restaurants to satisfy hunger pangs, and playgrounds to keep children engaged and entertained. In the lake, you can go boating in the summer and ice skating in the winter.

Explore Cotroceni Palace

Admire the splendour of the Cotroceni Palace, the official residence of Romania's President. The National Cotroceni Museum is located in the building's oldest section and allows visitors to take in the beauty of the apartments, library, and reception areas, as well as a massive collection of artworks belonging to Romanian royals, including paintings, sculptures, ceramics, graphic arts, furniture, textiles, and glassware.

Tour the Museum of Art Collections

Discover the splendour of 19th-century wealthy Romanian families whose possessions are on display in the Museum of Art at the Palatul Romanit building. A total of 44 exhibits including works by Theodor Aman, Nicolae Tonitza, Gheorghe Petraşcu, Theodor Pallady, and Nicolae Grigorescu from the 19th and early 20th centuries will leave you awestruck.

Explore Calea Victoriei

Stroll through Calea Victoriei, which is considered to be one of the wealthier and more affluent neighbourhoods in the city. Engage in some of the best activities in Bucharest here, like exploring the Romanian Athenaeum, visiting Revolution Square, browsing museums or art galleries, indulging in local delights at cafes or restaurants, learning about the city's art scene at the cultural venues, and many more.

Discover Botanical Gardens

Head to Botanical Gardens if you are wondering what to do in Bucharest to take a break from city life. You will feel refreshed and revitalised amidst up to 5,000 plant species and tropical and subtropical vegetation. The stunning ponds, winding pathways, rose garden, and summertime display of about 1,000 exotic flowers will completely captivate you.

Pay a Visit to Bucharest Russian Church

Witness the beauty of this church, commonly known as the Students’ Church, and learn about its Russian connection. With seven onion domes constructed in the traditional Russian orthodox style, this church is also notable for its stunning frescoes and gilded wooden iconostasis. Attend a church mass to feel the divine aura and spiritual vibes of the place.


What is the best time to visit Bucharest?

The best times to visit Bucharest are in the spring (March to May), early summer (June), and late fall (October and November). The weather is mild, it is neither too hot nor too cold, making it ideal for sightseeing and indulging in outdoor activities in Bucharest. Bucharest bursts with blooming flowers and trees in April and May, providing an opportunity for a rejuvenating vacation.

Is Bucharest worth Visiting?

The so-called Paris of the East, this city is worth visiting because there is so much to see and an abundance of exciting things to do in Bucharest. From marvelling at street art to learning about its rich history, admiring the ancient architecture, and touring magnificent museums and art galleries, every experience makes Bucharest worth exploring.

What are the best things to do in Bucharest with kids?

  • Visit the Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum
  • Browse Romanian Peasant Museum
  • Tour Romanian Athenaeum
  • Take a walk down Lipscani (Old Town)
  • Relax at Herăstrău Park
  • Explore Parliamentary Palace
  • Pray at Stavropoleos Church
  • Discover the National Museum of Art of Romania
  • Take a trip of Dealul Mitropoliei
  • Marvel at Revolution Square

Is Bucharest expensive for tourists?

No, Bucharest is not expensive when compared to other western European cities. The cost of getting around, eating, and shopping is affordable. There are numerous parks, gardens, museums, memorials, and historical sites that you can visit if you're wondering what to do in Bucharest for free.

How many days in Bucharest is enough for visiting?

If you want to explore all of Bucharest's well-known and hidden treasures, you will need five to seven days. However, you can shorten your trip to two days and visit famous sites like Old City, Domnița Bălașa, the Palace of Parliament, the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Cişmigiu Gardens, and Cotroceni and indulge in dining, shopping, nightlife like exciting activities in Bucharest.


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